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How To Grow A Set Of Balls Online – 5 Simple Steps To The BEST Internet Marketing Ideas




1) Forget what everyone else is doing, what is important is YOU and what you are doing.

2) Forget about the competition, it’s all in your head. Over 2 BILLION (yes Billion) people currently use the Internet, don’t you think some of these people might just want to buy from YOU? – Create things that people WANT, not things that YOU want.

3) STOP Sucking up to Guru’s. These people are businessmen/women like ourselves, most are very talented, but at the end of the day, they still want your money.

4) You’ve heard it a million times but it’s TRUE, take ACTION. In order to make money online, you have to SELL things, preferably every FRICKIN Day!.if you take a back seat, you will just become one of the many habitual product buyers who provide the wealth but never EARN it..

5) Apply yourself!. You are UNIQUE. The way you say something. and the manner in which you do it, will resonate with people like no one else can. By being yourself and daring to be different, you are already halfway there.

The world is full of followers, we all need to learn, but we don’t need to follow for ever, we have to break out and show the World what we can do.
Learn, create a product, position yourself as an expert, teach the process.. Rinse & Repeat.

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Is Internet Marketing Just A Whole Lot Of HOT Air?

Internet Marketing Service

Internet Marketing is not ANYTHING. It is but two words, the meaning of those words are what your brain sees and decides. For some it is a SCAM, for others it is the best thing since sliced bread. It means to us, exactly what we mean to it. If we are amongst those who think that everything and everyone on the Internet is dodgy then those words are bad, to those of us who embrace it, those words are good.

I truly believe that despite what people are telling you about the financial climate, today is the best time ever to be an Internet Marketer, I’m certain that many of my colleagues who make their sole income from selling online would agree with me.

Do you need to be a Dodgy Scammer to make money online?. Of course not, people who continually make money online without going to jail are honest hard working everyday folk like me and you, they sell quality products that educate people into changing their lives.

Therein lies one of the great “secrets” of making money online, which really isn’t a secret at all “Change enough people’s lives for the good, and you will always change your own life for the good”.

Internet Marketing – What’s In It For You?

Internet Marketing tempts us with a taste of the other side. NO, I’m not talking about the other side in a spiritual sense, I’m talking about the other side of a mundane and repetitive life that many of us adapt to as being “normal”

Internet Marketing gives us hope, a friendly diversion if you like from a life of going to work for the man, punching a clock, selling our time for a few dollars in something that we probably hate. Yes, some people love their jobs, but most don’t. The Internet Marketing laptop lifestyle offers a way out..

In the great scheme of things, with a plan and some action we can produce an unlimited income, which in turn can produce a wonderful lifestyle, I’ve always believed this, In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a better time in my life to be in business. We have an unlimited shop window called the Internet. Never before has so much opportunity been packed into just 17″ (more or less) of space on a laptop.

It’s true, most people are telling you the complete opposite. Most “other” people see Entrepreneurs as a “Greedy bunch of lunatic risk takers”, forgetting of course that most of their jobs were created by such “lunatics”.

Internet Marketing – The Merchants Of Doom Are Never Far Away

Dr Doom always enjoys telling you how the economy is failing, how these are uncertain times, how we should all be grateful for what we get and all that other nonsense touted around by people who spend most of their time spreading doom and gloom instead of making their own lives better.

Don’t forget, with any term of employment, it’s always more crowded at the bottom of the ladder than it is at the top. Yes, this is to a certain degree because people at the top have more skills but it is also because a large majority of people who fight for a position at the bottom of the ladder see that as their “limit”.

Now, I’m not judging anyone here, I know there are a million and one reasons why people are earning a few measly dollars an hour, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

You don’t have to be the sharpest card in the deck to make it in Internet Marketing. What you do need to do though is actually do something about it and get of your butt. The TV is good for relaxing after a hard day at the office but it wont earn you any money and it wont really educate you into improving your lifestyle. No one ever looked to Homer Simpson for advice on how to change your life.

There are so many resources out there on the Internet to help you become the you, you really want to be. Most resources are free, but I would strongly advise anyone to seek out a respected coach to help you get going and to point you in the right direction from the start.

I never did this, I was too busy listening to everyone and his cat telling me how “simple” it all was that I wasted the first 6 months of my IM journey.

What’s really needed to succeed in Internet Marketing, is not more and more information. You can have too much information, there will always be new information coming along tomorrow.

What is needed is a plan on what to do with all this information, to turn it into an income for you. You need a strategy for YOU. This is where a coach or mentor comes in. Invest in yourself.

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Internet Marketing – The Dream Team Skype Group – Keith Everett

internet marketing strategiesInternet Marketing can be tough. In fact in the early days it can be almost impossible. I know, I spent the best part of a year going crazy at home trying to do it. I listened to all the “so called” experts and came to this conclusion, “Most of them SUCK… there I’ve said it now.

I would rather listen to a bunch of intelligent people  who each has a SKILL.. YES, a skill of some sort that can be utilised for the journey forward.

Back then, I had nothing like this, you now have, “The Dream Team”. What you do with it is up yo you of course. It will cost you nothing, but might just saver you EVERYTHING. This is a group of like minded people who have a lot to offer. It could be SEO skills, it could be Video skills.. it could be offline marketing. You name it, we’ll probably have it in the group at some stage.

And even if, you don’t have any skills, you can still join. WHY? because that’s how it is in the great game of Internet Marketing, we LEARN, we IMPLEMENT, then we PASS it on!.. YES, we pay it forward.

Watch the video and take ACTION.

Join us now, let me know what you think. Leave me a comment below

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How To Write A 400 Word Article In Under 25 Minutes

how to write an article



How to write an article.  Do you ever get frustrated with writing articles ? well join the club. Writing articles for most people is hard work, in fact for some people it’s just downright impossible.

One of the things I hear a great deal is just how many people will not write content at all, as they feel very uncomfortable doing it. In fact, one of my best friends hates to write anything at all as her finds it really difficult.

I  can really relate to this problem as I have sometimes spent hours racking my brain, trying to think of things to blog about, it isn’t always easy to create new content out of thin air.

However there is a very simple way to produce content quickly, and with very little effort too,  this is ideal if you don’t particularly like writing articles. It’s a method that even some of the very expensive writing schools teach, This method is widely used today and will get you started writing 400 word articles in under 25 minutes.

SO, what’s the secret ?   Check out the video below and let me have your comment below.

I hope you found this video useful, share, comment and like if you have



Content Curation – How To Make Money Out Of Chaos

content curation


Content curation is making a massive impact on the way we view, write and review content online. Before Google’s massive moves to straighten out the Web by getting rid of irrelevant spam content, the need to stack content into the right boxes so that even your 90 year old grandmother can find it, is of paramount importance to us all.

The content curators of today, if brave enough to become the thought leaders of tomorrow will be making it big online in the years to come.

Never has making money online in my view been so blatantly obvious. You couldn’t make it anymore obvious than if you dangled a 100ft sign in front a person’s face with a big pile of cash, and a bullseye on it.

So What Is Content Curation?

Rather than adding to the piles of original content published every single second on the Internet, the curator researches, gathers and picks the best content from a specific topic. He or she then provides context and meaning to this information.

The curator becomes a voice of reason in this chaotic content space, providing insights and then organising other peoples written work into something more easily readable.

In other words, lets say someone writes a 1000 word article about toy trains.. It may have only 4 main key points, but it may take a 1000 words to say them.

You the content curator then comes along and you find the most relevant parts of the content. You now rewrite the person’s 4 points into a 400 word summary, you then add your comments to the end and invite others to comment by sharing it with your readers.

It could be a blog post or any other form of information sharing vehicle such as a video.

So now you keep doing this. Your blog on Toy trains is now curating the work of many other Toy train content writers. Before you know it, your site is becoming an authority in the eyes of Google on Toy Trains, your blog gets ranked higher because they see you as an authority, you can see where I’m going with all this. Content is King, yes but curated content is a slimmer version of the fat King!..

We are all phantom content curators, we just don’t know it. We write, we are influenced, we bend other peoples words and paragraphs into our own. Content curation is NOT about copying other people’s work, it’s about reworking other peoples content and linking back to them as the source.

Think about Pinterest, the content sharing site for a moment, we share other people’s work and then we pass a comment, this is a form of content curation.

Content Curation – What’s In It For You?

For whatever reason, many people do not like creating content. Some people are momentarily dumstruck at the thought of putting their words to paper. This is quite common and understandable as we all have different talents, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, the content curator’s pandoras box has just opened and now it’s becoming more widely known, anyone can rework other peoples content into their own readable style, the original content writer wins hands down as they are then credited and linked back to, you win as you never have to create your own original content again (unless you wish to do so).

A good example of successful content curation is The Huffington Post a content news website recently sold to AOL for $315 Million Dollars.

To summarise: Content curation looks set to become one of the biggest online money makers ever, the way we view content is changing all the time, but the need for viewing content in an easy straight forward manner will never change.

People want an easy life, they don’t want to search a million websites just to find out why their cat keeps sneezing. The big prizes will be going to the people who make other people’s lives easier by presenting quality information that’s easy to find all in one place.