How To Add SOUNDCLOUD Audio To Your Facebook Fan Pages

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Bring your Facebook Fan/Like pages to life with this AMAZING audio app from Soundcloud.. Why not introduce yourself to your fans by installing the Soundcloud player on to your Facebook Like page and build a deeper connection with your Facebook fans.

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  1. Ava Parnass says:

    Thank you for the great tip and education, it was very helpful.
    Can it also be done on personal page?
    I haven’t converted my personal page to fan page yet so I was wondering.
    Again great tip Keith thank you!

    • Keith Everett says:

      Hi Ava

      It is for Facebook Page, i.e your like/fan page, however
      you can post the link to your audio anywhere and you
      can also embed the audio in your blog or website.


  2. Piyush Patel says:

    Keith, well said! It’s great to see someone sharing this valuable knowledge.

  3. Keith Everett says:

    Thanks for your comments Piyush


  4. Alex Nicanor says:

    hey Keith thanks a lot for posting this it helped me out a lot.

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