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3 POWERFUL Network Marketing Tips T...

Network Marketing Tips 1) Calling up family and friends can be soul destroying. Once you've compiled a list of family and friends and you've hit t...


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Network Marketing & eBay?.... Oh yes.. eBay is probably one of the most powerful YET underused methods for getting leads into any Network Ma...

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The Free iPAS 2 Affiliate Marketing...

iPAS 2 is a powerful new system designed to help you turn prospects into sales. By joining and sharing the iPAS 2 system, you are introducing p...

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Where Would We Be Without Excuses?

  I have to admit, in the past I have made my fair share of excuses, I even believed that my "excuses" were real, even when they weren't. ...

3 POWERFUL Network Marketing Tips That Work In 2014

Network Marketing Tips

1) Calling up family and friends can be soul destroying. Once you’ve compiled a list
of family and friends and you’ve hit them all up. then what?…

Strangers?… Rather you than me.

Network Marketing Tips That Work In 2014

Why not use the Internet instead?. Instead of calling people up and three waying them into conversations with your sponsor, why not create a video, explaining all the relevent advantages of joining you in your business.

Show them what’s in it for them, tell them how you can help them achieve their goals.It’s all about them. If they can see (in their mind’s eye), them doing your business, they’ll join.

Put the video up on YouTube or Vimeo, use some basic marketing either paid or free, then send them to a capture page so you have their email address. you can then market to them whenever you want. Email and Video is a very powerful combination to convert leads into sales.

People can see you on video. They can get to like you, and if they like you, some will join you. If you don’t have people joining your business, you don’t have a business. One of the reasons could be through lack of a video presence online.

They may have to see the video several times before deciding to join you. But at least you will only be presenting to interested people.And once you record the video once, that’s it.

Network Marketing Tips – Meetings ?. Not Bl**dy Likely

2) Instead of inviting people around to your house drawing out circles on a whiteboard, why not do a Google Hangout. You can invite as many people as you want and instead of just inviting people who live within travelling distance, you can present to anyone,anywhere.

When I do Google Hangouts, I just whip out the Whiteboard and start training. BOOM.. Easy Peasy..

3) Sell Evergreen Products. If you are selling the latest slimming chocolate or healthy coffee, how long will it be before people get fed up with the product and go back to ordinary chocolate and coffee ?.

Although these type of products have good “launch” appeal, the companies that sell them, along with the latest “juices” and pills, need to constantly keep bringing out new products to satisfy the market. People like “new” things.

So work with a company that has products that won’t go out of fashion. Education, training, anything to do with learning, this never goes out of style. People love to learn and always will do.

Products that help people make money, this is always a “fresh” evergreen product. People will always want more money, and if you can find good quality products that teach and inspire too, you are almost there..

Learn to be inspired. Empower others and feel good yourself about making more money and improving your life.. you know what to do, click here..

Peace and Prosperity

Cellphone/Mobile +44 (0) 7533 027726


Network Marketing – How To Get Prospects & Customers From eBay

Network Marketing & eBay?…. Oh yes..

eBay is probably one of the most powerful YET underused methods for getting leads into any Network Marketing opportunity.

The concept is so simple, I’m suprised more people don’t use it.

Most people just can’t see the connection between these two well trusted business models but they can quite easily complement each other if you are prepared to connect the dots.

Think about it. With such a huge captive audience as eBay already has, don’t you think that there are just few who people on there curious enough to want to know about your business opportunity?.

Thousands Of People On eBay Are Looking For Network Marketing Opportunities

In truth there are thousands of people looking on eBay everyday for a way to increase their finances. Just on eBay UK alone there are currently over 6000 listings showing up when you type in the keyword “Make Money”.

Some of these listings are being shown over and over again to people wanting to make money. So here is an ideal place to connect with people.

The best example of people using this to get leads for a Network Marketing opportunity are those who are either offering a very cheap eBook for people to bid on. This produced a lot of bids, you sell to the winner but you also sell it to all the bidders too.

This way you might have a listing with a final price of 0.50p, but you have 50 bidders who didn’t win. You simply offer the other 50 bidders the eBook. You also have their eMail address to send them your sales material too.

I’ve seen another person do this with just the business opportunity idea. 33 people bought the “idea” for 0.99p (see the picture above), and they got a callback about the business opportunity. This gave a £30 profit before you even start.

eBay is a great platform to get leads from, all you need is just a bit of imagination and people will be glad to pay you for some useful information that will help them succeed online.

for more great information like this to succeed online, click this link to take you to the next level.

Peace & Prosperity

Cellphone/Mobile  +44 (0) 7533 027726


The Free iPAS 2 Affiliate Marketing System.

iPAS 2 is a powerful new system designed to help you turn prospects into sales. By joining and sharing the iPAS 2 system, you are introducing people to an enjoyable learning experience.

Your prospect is first offered some cutting edge products which will help them to grow their online income, by educating them in how to run a better online business. If the prospect buys these products, you will recieve 70% of the commission, even if you got the iPAS 2 system for free.

The iPAS system is currently available to everyone for FREE (time limited offer) whether you are in the Empower Network or not, however it is set to become a paid product very soon so get iPAS 2 now.

1PAS 2 Powerful Tripwire System

Once your prospect has been shown the lead products, they are then taken through a series of professional videos that will give them a great understanding of how the Empower Network system works and why they need it.

By giving your potential Empower network prospects a look at a lead product, or products, yoou are introducing them to a “tripwire” system. This sells the person on a lower priced product in order to determine the “intentions” of the prospect.

Buyers are HOTTER than enquirers (obviously), hence if a person will buy the lead product (tripwire), they are MORE likely to buy the Empower Network products whilst credit card is still in hand.

iPAS 2 – The Long Awaited Solution To Prospect Automation

This has been over 4yrs in the making, The original iPas was only available to the prosperity team within Empower Network, but this massively improved version is available to everyone.

This truly is a hands off system that lets automation take over to upsell your prospects into your Empower Network business. If you are already in Empower Network, make sure you are in at a good level as you don’t want to lose commissions if people within the systme buy products you don’t own.

Members of my own team know full well the folly of not being “All IN” as last year in 2013 I lost $4500 in pass up commissions from products I didn’t own. Needless to say, I now own them.

I can’t see any downside to 1PAS 2. Even if I had to pay $47 or more to be a part of this, it would still be in my interest. Any Empower Network or person who has not joined yet will be happy to get their hands on this system.

It’s a Win/Win situation. You have a platform to market that will upsell your prospects for you. If you are “All In” in the Empower Network you will have access to personal coaches who will speak to your prospects for you (for a monthly fee).

At this moment in time, sign up for free access, you may never get an opportunity like this again.

Get your free iPAs System here.

Peace & Prosperity


Where Would We Be Without Excuses?


no excuses 540

I have to admit, in the past I have made my fair share of excuses, I even believed that my “excuses” were real, even when they weren’t.

Sure, some things do get in the way of life, we all know that. Life has so many ups and downs, twists and turns, that nothing ever goes by the script and we seem to be fending off problems right, left and centre.

BUT, does any of this really matter?. Don’t all these things happen to other people too. Sometimes, much worse?..

What about J.K Rowling, single mum to millionaire, what about people who overcome any obstacle that gets in their way ?.

You see, I don’t really believe there are any valid excuses.

If you want something bad enough, your excuses will define how badly you wanted it, in the first place.

Since joining this company, I have seen a blind person have a $1000 day, I’ve seen someone who have had chronic back pain for 12yrs, blogging on their back through that pain and go on to build a huge income.

There a people fighting cancer, paying for their treatment by making money online with us.

The list goes on and on…

I have witnessed people in my own team who were sceptical, now churning out content like pro’s, and making money.

I don’t believe our excuses are real. The things that happen to us, are events. I believe we let things that happen to us STOP us, because this is inbred into our current thinking.

It’s as if we are programmed to stop as soon as a problem appears. Not really understanding that the problem appeared in the first place to deliberately test ourselves as human beings.

comfort zone

Don’t just run the World, Ride it too.

Without excuses, there would be no people to do the things that people do to make the World tick. The world ticks on by, like a huge clock. Most people are just getting by. They sell their time for the going rate and in return they get to be a cog, or some small part of the Clock.

The trick is to contribute to the clock, but to also to use the clock to grow ourselves as human beings.

People who override events that happen to them, get to do more than just run the Clock, they get to see the World as it really is. A land of beauty, coated in opportunity.

Stop making excuses and learn to see events for what they really are, it’s all about choice. One can only really become successful when you see things as they really are and not how the majority see them.

Peace and Prosperity to you.


P.S Step into your power and free your mind from limitation, I am here
to help.


GMail Sucks – Is Google At It Again?

Is Google at it again?. WHAT?, I hear you say..

Not content with Panda’s Penguin and many other updates, Google now feels it is their “Duty” to interfere with your Google GMail inbox.

google gmail

Google Gmail – Are Google Acting Like Dictators?

For the last few weeks, Google decided to re-arrange your GMail inbox. Now instead of all of your emails falling nicely into one stream so you can see them all (primary).. you now have other files to go searching through if you want to find emails classed as “Promotions” or “Social”.

Did we really need this?. Is this just change for change sake?. Maybe Google thought we were all getting a little bit bored with the old design. If you want to go back to how it was before Google started meddling, check out the very short video below.

For a couple of years now, Google have been moving the goal posts. YES, they have the most popular search engine and to be fair, they do a good job. However, like any big corporation, after a while they seem to regard customers as mere numbers, only there to feed their greed.

BOO Hiss BOO – Yes Spam Sucks, But So Does Google

Well even with all the recent updates causing havoc with many legitimate sites (and of course many Spammy ones too), I think they stepped over the line when they started messing with GMail..

As you know, GMail is very popular with people. Now that Google have made everyone sort their mail out, I personally think that a lot of good quality promotional campaigns will get hit by lower open rates, as people have to fumble though the promotions tab to find these emails.

Will they bother?

It’s too early to say of course, however it’s not too early to have your inbox go back to exactly how it was before Google started meddling. Watch the video to find out how easy it is..

Please share this article if it helped you, and leave a comment below



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