how to make extra money from home

How To Make Extra Money From Home

How to make extra money from home is a question many people are seeking the answer too, fortunately I do have a good logical answer for you.  With j...

think big

Think Big, Win Big In Business ...

"Think big, win big in business and life" What exactly does that mean?. It means that generally you get to go as far in life as your thinking. This do...

money, make money from home


MONEY!..Sung about, dreamed about, loved and despised. No matter what you think about money, it does seem to make the World go round. However, there i...

make a sale

How To Turn Prospects Into Sales..

Ok, so how do we get our prospects in the first place ?. Well, first of all we need to know who we are targeting. If you say you are targeting everyon...

How To Make Extra Money From Home

How to make extra money from home is a question many people are seeking the answer too, fortunately I do have a good logical answer for you.  With job uncertainty at it’s highest and the ever upward spiralling cost of living to contend with, people are fed up. Fed up with being broke and not being able to afford the good things in life.
how to make extra money from home

For some, the good things may just be fuel and food. 

We all need more money, this is going to show you how you can make more money working from home. There are many work from home jobs out there, two of my very good friends are doing one such job. However this can equate to little more than slave labour. Some work from home jobs are paying little more than $2 an hour. This really isn’t the way forward in my view.

The problem a lot of people have is that they don’t have money to invest in their home business, however a home business driven with determination is more likely to succeed as a long term answer than feeding empty pockets with coins from doing homework such as completing surveys etc.

We all have short term needs,of course we do. We have to eat and some of us have to feed others too. However instead of trusting in fate, we really need some sort of game plan that will offer us a future to look forward to, rather than fear.

We all have the same 24hrs in the day. How we use those 24hrs is crucial. Assuming you need 8hrs sleep, we still have 16hrs a day left. Now I don’t know your circumstances. Maybe you have a job, maybe you don’t, maybe you watch TV during the day, maybe you don’t.

What I do know about you is that you want change. Lest’s be honest, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t would you? So in answer to the question “How do you make money from home“, the real answer to that is how much?.

How To Make Extra Money From Home – Quit Hustling

You can get buy hustling pennies and this may bring you some “extras’ in your life but in order to make “life changing” income you must change as a person. Now you might be saying “I don’t want to change as a person”. That’s fine. But if you want things you’ve never had, be prepared to do things you’ve never done.

There is no such thing as money for nothing. You either have time or you have money (or both) to spend on raising your game. If you have time, then you will have to start spending this TODAY, not tomorrow on your new home business. If you have some money..(or can get it), then be prepared to see NO significant short term returns on the way to long term gains.

SO, how would you like to join a company where you don’t have to “pitch ” to family and friends?. A company that uses the internet to make sales, a company that has an automated system attached to it so that you can run your business WITHOUT it taking over your life. Most of the hard work has been taken out, however you will still need to spend some time every day to work with people and to get eyeballs to your offer.

Sound too good to be true? I know, there are many scams out there. Fortunately this isn’t one of them. I’ve been with the main company since November of 2012, and this automated system we are using has just arrived to make things even easier for us.

NOTE. The system and business will be easy for you to learn however, NO business is easy?. I want you to understand that. If it were easy, everyone out there would be doing it. If you want to change your life, it will take work.

Don’t be like most people. Scared to take the plunge in case they fail. You will always find a reason not to do something. Most people spend their life in denial. You don’t have to be broke, your knowledge will steer you away from a boring life, where each day is the same and you live in hope. Hope will not save you, only ACTION. Now is the time to take it.

You will need some start up capital and a marketing budget. You are going to invest some money so you don’t have to be broke again, our system will teach you how, you just need to show up.

Peace and Prosperity


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Think Big, Win Big In Business & Life

Think big, win big in business and life” What exactly does that mean?. It means that generally you get to go as far in life as your thinking. This doesn’t mean that small thinking naturally makes a persons achievments any less significent, It just means that people tend to do big things after or during periods of thinking big.

How is this ?

You aren’t just a body with a brain bolted on. You are a brain with a body attached. Your brain has far more power than each of us realises. Many people only use 10% or less of their true brain power.

Our brains have the power to make us sick or powerful. It’s just up to the driver, what the outcome is. The power of thought can determine the road  and direction your life takes.

When people take a downward spiral, deep into depression, it’s usually bad thoughts that grow like cancer and destroy that persons thinking, leading them to more bad things. The opposite is of course to think in a way that is hopeful, positive and full of great expectation.

We tend to get what we expect, if we don’t expect much and we settle for less, this tends to be what we get.

So why think big?

Thinking big sends a message to your brain (and the universe), that you want more, you expect more and that you are not willing to settle for less.

We all only get one life, so as you have to think anyway… you may as well think big. Like attracts like and the bigger you think, the more you will attract others who think like you. You then form an alliance with others to create your big goals.

The big thinkers of the World created the inventions that we know and love today. Failing is only a natural step toward achieving the things that we really want in life. Big thinkers fail forward and are always learning from mistakes..

Small thinkers make one or two mistakes and quit. You cant win in life if you quit.

The best way to go from small to big thinking is to read from good positive books every day. Or the next time you are on the move, pop in a positive audio. Feed your brain the good stuff every day. It will repay you with better health, more positivity and will attract the people and things you want into your life.

Of course as with all things, you need to take action on those thoughts to get the outcome you want.

Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right”.

If you want to be around positive people while building an online business and having a life, click this link now!.

Peace and Prosperity

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MONEY!..Sung about, dreamed about, loved and despised. No matter what you think about money, it does seem to make the World go round. However, there is a very DARK side to money which many people do not know.

money, make money from home



Holding on to Money and not letting it go can actually make you poor.

Here’s why..

It can create a fearful mindset.

Although people describe money as many things… the people who tend to have most of it are those who are willing to spend it in order to make more. The opposite of this is when a person won’t spend it for fear of loss.

Holding on to money can almost become like an addiction.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to be being frugal at times. I’ve been broke, I know what it feels like – and I also realise that many people in the world suffer hardship that I’ve never seen.. however, there are also people who just won’t let go of money even when it seems a logical thing to do.

For instance. Most poverty (in the West) stems from a lack of education. When I say education, I’m not talking about the type that people learn in School, most people in the West have access to schooling. I’m talking about the type that builds a persons net worth.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work” – Robert Kiyosaki

The SECRET to money is learning to let it go in order for it to come back many times over. You need to invest in yourself, whether that is though education or a viable business model. TIP. Invest in a business that provides the education you need to be successful.

The secret to making money is not to hold on to as much money as possible and never invest any of it in your future, you probably spend money anyway on all kinds of things they don’t need.

Once you learn to let it go, take action in your business and don’t wait for miracles, money will find it’s way back to you a thousandfold..That is the secret

Money, even with it’s dark secrets can make people happy. An abundant lifestyle begins with a good positive mind. Power up your mind daily by being around positive people who share the secrets to creating wealth.

Peace and Prosperity

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How To Turn Prospects Into Sales..

Ok, so how do we get our prospects in the first place ?. Well, first of all we need to know who we are targeting. If you say you are targeting everyone and anyone, you’ll probably end up selling to no one.

Target a specific market that are looking for the products you sell. 

The first thing you need to know is the profile of the person you are selling to. Are they young or middle aged? Maybe you are targeting baby boomers. Are they male, female (or both)?.

Maybe your ideal prospect could be someone just like you. This will give you an advantage straight away, as people tend to like people who are like them.

What are their interests, their wants and their needs?. Where will you find these people online?.

Once you know who your ideal target market is, and where to find them, you now know who to target your advertising to. Our next step is to capture their email address using a capture page…. OK, so now what?

The next thing we need to do is turn them into customers. Money cannot flow into your pockets unless a financial transaction takes place. How do we do that ?.

1) The first thing we do, once we have their email address is to email them good quality content on a regula basis in the form of follow up messages, preferably personal videos from you, These should be sent every couple of days, explaining all kinds of useful information, tips etc in the target market you are operating in.

If you keep emailing them offer after offer, they wil lsoon get fed up with you using them as your personal ATM machine.

2) We invite people to discuss another business option (yours), either on Skype or by phone. Don’t be scared to speak to people. The main reasons (in my opinion) people won’t join a business opportunity is because they either think it’s a scam or they have been spammed the link to join many many times… personal contact will overcome this objection nine times out of ten.

A pre arranged call from you is a breath of fresh air for many prospects. 

3) Once you are talking to the prospect, you use the following formula. Obviously adapt this depending on your manner, style etc.

It’s quite simple and it involves NO selling whatsoever, so anyone can do this. You just have to open your mouth and let it flow.

Ok, so I want you to imagine, you have shown interest in my home business opportunity and we are now speaking on Skype. After a couple of minutes of formalities, ” how are you etc”… I say to you:..

“Exactly what are you looking to get out of owning an online business. What is your ultimate goal ?

The prospect replies, “Well, I’m looking to make an extra $5000 a month”…

Now often or not, even though the person gives you a financial answer, there is a deeper purpose. Most people don’t want money or things, they actually want what those things bring…usually “change”, “happiness” etc. in other words, NON tangible things…

So you would say. “OK, so let’s say I can show you a way to make an extra $5000 a month, what would that mean to you” ?

Prospect: “Well, an extra $5000 a month would mean that I can spend more time with my family. I have a new born baby girl and my son is stil la toddler. I miss them a lot because I’m always at work, Sometimes when I get home at night  they are both asleep. An extra $5000 a month would be life changing for me.

Can you see the difference here?. I’ve just helped this prospect to realise the real reason for wanting $5000 extra a month and that is far more valuable than the $5000 itself. Freedom with family.

So, once we have established the actual reason. We establish “where they are now”. Most people who want an online business just feel “stuck in a job” just like our prospect above..

Then we need to know..

4) What’s stopping you?. Ask your prospect this question and just keep quiet. Wait to hear their reason before answering.

A) Maybe they just don’t know what to do

B) Maybe they have tried tons of business opportunities, but not made money with any of them, for whatever reason.

C) Maybe they just haven’t found the right group of people to work with..

D) Maybe they don’t have the money. (although this is rarely true). Most people (if the need or want is GREAT enough can find the money to go ahead).

So, here’s how we close the gap between the prospect remaining a prospect or actually becoming a customer of yours. I ask a simple question.

“If I could show you a way where you get to see your children as much as you want. If I could show you how to do that,right here, right now….

Is there any reason why you can’t go ahead now and do this”?..

And that really is all you need to say.

Most people just want to get out of their pain, and into pleasure. If you can show them that by joining you and your opportunity, this will give them the answers to their pain, they will join you.

Most rejection is not real rejection. People tend to use excuses of one kind or another when they are not sure about you. If they like you and can see themselves doing the very business you are a part of…. you’re almost there..

All you now need to establish is at what level you are going to bring them in at. In my company, I am all in (a full member) so I always start at the top (never start at the bottom).

I simply show them a quick plan on how they can earn the $5000 a month. If they come in at a higher level, they can achieve their goals ($5000 a month), a lot more easily if they go all in ($2997) than if htey join at the lower level.

Help your prospect to imagine how they can do the business you are introducing htem into… “The confused mind does not make a decision”… Be a gap closer, show people how they can achieve their goals joining your business throught you.

Remember, keep it simple. The more complicated you make it, the more your prospect will resist.

I hope you have found this useful. If you have and you would like to work with me personally, complete the following application form to see if we are a good fit. I can show you how to achieve your ultimate goal.


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3 POWERFUL Network Marketing Tips That Work In 2014

Network Marketing Tips

1) Calling up family and friends can be soul destroying. Once you’ve compiled a list
of family and friends and you’ve hit them all up. then what?…

Strangers?… Rather you than me.

Network Marketing Tips That Work In 2014

Why not use the Internet instead?. Instead of calling people up and three waying them into conversations with your sponsor, why not create a video, explaining all the relevent advantages of joining you in your business.

Show them what’s in it for them, tell them how you can help them achieve their goals.It’s all about them. If they can see (in their mind’s eye), them doing your business, they’ll join.

Put the video up on YouTube or Vimeo, use some basic marketing either paid or free, then send them to a capture page so you have their email address. you can then market to them whenever you want. Email and Video is a very powerful combination to convert leads into sales.

People can see you on video. They can get to like you, and if they like you, some will join you. If you don’t have people joining your business, you don’t have a business. One of the reasons could be through lack of a video presence online.

They may have to see the video several times before deciding to join you. But at least you will only be presenting to interested people.And once you record the video once, that’s it.

Network Marketing Tips – Meetings ?. Not Bl**dy Likely

2) Instead of inviting people around to your house drawing out circles on a whiteboard, why not do a Google Hangout. You can invite as many people as you want and instead of just inviting people who live within travelling distance, you can present to anyone,anywhere.

When I do Google Hangouts, I just whip out the Whiteboard and start training. BOOM.. Easy Peasy..

3) Sell Evergreen Products. If you are selling the latest slimming chocolate or healthy coffee, how long will it be before people get fed up with the product and go back to ordinary chocolate and coffee ?.

Although these type of products have good “launch” appeal, the companies that sell them, along with the latest “juices” and pills, need to constantly keep bringing out new products to satisfy the market. People like “new” things.

So work with a company that has products that won’t go out of fashion. Education, training, anything to do with learning, this never goes out of style. People love to learn and always will do.

Products that help people make money, this is always a “fresh” evergreen product. People will always want more money, and if you can find good quality products that teach and inspire too, you are almost there..

Learn to be inspired. Empower others and feel good yourself about making more money and improving your life.. you know what to do, click here..

Peace and Prosperity

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