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Is The Really Such a Thing as Luck?...

LUCK?.. Why do some people seem to have all the luck in the World whilst others seem to live lives of quiet desperation. ? Well, it seems that the ...


How To Overcome The Fear of Making ...

Are you fearful of making a video?. Fear holds us back on many things, the problem is of course, whilst we are still being fearful, other people are d...

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The MAGIC of Telling Stories in You...

Telling stories, truthful stories can be a powerful way of bringing people into your Network Marketing business. Why is telling your story, importa...

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Live Life On Your Own Terms, 3 Step...

One of the things I have learned from Bronnie Ware's book, "The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying", is that people thinking back about their lives often regr...

Is The Really Such a Thing as Luck?

LUCK?.. Why do some people seem to have all the luck in the World whilst others seem to live lives of quiet desperation. ?

Well, it seems that the harder we work in certain areas, the more “lucky” we become, is this just a coincidence or do some people possess certain “Magic” powers?..

You decide.. 

Here are some observations I have noted about Successful people and Unsuccessful people in general.

Successful people are not necessarily the best at what they do, they just have an uncanny “knack” of convincing people that they are.

Unsuccessful people may be the best at what they do, but they have an uncanny “knack” of being poor at marketing their talent, so no one ever gets to really see how great these people really are.

Successful people tend to be “driven” individuals. They focus on the “end” result and are not swayed by the temptation to take too many different paths.

Unsuccessful people tend to be “all at sea” a lot of the time, they lack focus – and although they could be just as successful as anyone else, they refuse to change their mindset and blame “other things” or other “people” for their problems.

Successful people always tend to look at “positive” angles, even when their own life is currently not looking so great.

Unsuccessful people tend to focus on negative things, even when things are looking up for them – they seem hell bent on self sabotage, and attract more negativity into their lives by focusing on problems, instead of the solutions. They tend to “hang” with other like minded “merchants of doom”

Successful people realise it’s a marathon, not a sprint and building success takes time. You’ll get there when you get there.

Unsuccessful people tend to buy into the Business Opportunity Syndrome, and are always looking for instant gratification as found in the infamous “business in a box” type strategies and instant wealth CLAPTRAP.

Successful businesses have solid legs, they are sustainable, plan for future growth and are built with the end in mind. A successful business is built on a solid foundation and has real products and services, that offer people “Value”.

Unsuccessful businesses refuse to embrace new change or new technology and once the business has been “thrown up”, it is left to it’s own devices, with the owner or owners spending as much of the profits (if any) as possible.

This type of business rarely lasts.

In short, luck doesn’t really have anything to do with being successful in business or life.The harder you work at anything (relationships, etc) the luckier you get…

Luck is an attitude of mind that draws good fortune to you by giving value to the marketplace. Your luck depends on your percieved value. In other words, if people see you as a person of value, they will treat you accordingly most of the time.

I hope you enjoyed this article. This could be your lucky day. We have a perfect business for you where you can create all the “luck” you will ever need. Click here for details.

Peace and Prosperity

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How To Overcome The Fear of Making a Video

Are you fearful of making a video?. Fear holds us back on many things, the problem is of course, whilst we are still being fearful, other people are doing the very thing we fear. The World is passing us by, and by being fearful, we are simply not making progress…. However, all is not lost…

Why live your life in fear?. There are plenty of naysayers out there telling you that you can’t do this or can’t do that. By constantly telling yourself you can’t do something, all you are doing is proving the naysayers right…

The truth is, people are wrong. Near enough everything that people have said “can’t be done” has been done.

By doing the very things you fear, you are elevating yourself above those people who gain oodles of pleasure telling you, you can’t do it…

Making videos can really help you get the word out, if you are in any kind of business. People prefer to do business with “real people”, people who don’t hide behind their companies.

Who do you think the majority of people would rather listen to. Someone who puts links out all over the place or someone who talks “to them” through a video?

Seeing people on video, warms up the prospect. People get to know you through your videos and they get to like you. We all know that when people like you, they tend to trust you. Trust creates people who want to do business with you.

So here are the steps to overcome your fear of creating videos.

1. Believe in yourself. Believe you can do it, and believe that there are people who would love to see you in a video and find out about you and what you do.

2. The lens is your friend. get yourself somewhere quiet, alone or with a friend and just practice by talking to the ‘lens” for a minute or so about your favourite subject.

3. Don’t “stare’ the lens out. Don’t forget to blink, relax and just have an easy going conversation. Imagine you are just sitting in front of a friend having a chat.

4. Don’t be overly critical. Don’t expect miracles on your first video, practice, then practice some more.

5. When you feel ready to unleash your videos on the world, expect some constructive criticism at first, and also some not so constructive. Don’t worry about this..

6. Get good at speaking in front of the camera. It will improve your speech and also your social ability, (if you were lacking in this).

Keep going, never let people tell you, you can’t do it, because TRULY, you really can.

Peace and Prosperity

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The MAGIC of Telling Stories in Your Network Marketing Business

Telling stories, truthful stories can be a powerful way of bringing people into your Network Marketing business.

Why is telling your story, important if you are in a network marketing business?. Simple, It’s important because people want and need to see a “connection” with people before they join you. It’s not just enough to have the “best product”  people are not just joining your business, they are joining YOU.

They are joining you, because they believe in you. People join people like them, people who have what they want.

So, what are the keys to telling a good story?.

One of the best storytellers in the business is Barbara Corcoran This is a woman who borrowed $1000 and turned it into a $6 Billion dollar Real Estate empire, she ended up selling her business for $66 Million.  So what does she say about storytelling?

Stories are a great way to help potential customers remember you and also people use them to draw parallels to their own lives.

here are five things your story needs, to be effective:

1) It should have a purpose. No one wants to listen to a load of rambling, therefore you need to know what purpose it is trying to serve. Therefore if the purpose is to bring someone into your business, you need to tell them a story which is relevant to that person’s current circumstances.

For example, if that person is trudging in their current Network Marketing business, draw a parallel with them and tell them about the time you were struggling in your Network Marketing business and how you overcame it to get where you are today. Always tell a true story of course, never make them up.

2) Your story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Don’t labour any of these points for too long. For example if you are telling the beginning, don’t give the person a history lesson on your entire upbringing. The purpose is to intrigue the reader or listener, not to bore the pants off them.

Structure: If I’m talking to someone online who is struggling and they are looking for guidance, I will talk about my early beginnings and the struggles I went through (on a parallel to the listener’s problems), then I talk about the pain, the feelings of loneliness etc, the feelings of feeling stupid as I was broke, etc, etc,  (this is how I felt at first and many people feel the same way)…

Then I talk about how I discovered what I’m doing now and how it helped me to overcome my problems.. then I talk about the call to action and what they need to do now to get out of their pain and into pleasure.

That’s the short version, but I think you get my drift.

I’m no expert at doing this but I’m getting better at it all the time, and so will you.

3) Put meat on the bones. This means give your story some “life”Add colour, add feelings. You can talk about money all you like but it’s only when you tell it with passion and feeling will it start to resonate with the prospect. Instead of saying, I earned $1000 a week, talk about going to the ATM and the “smell” of brand new notes spurting out of the machine. Feelings bring a story to life..

4) Be the humble one. Never be a brash braggart. People think that they are getting people excited by boasting and bragging but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your story, although about you is really about them. Therefore you should be speaking to them as they are connecting the dots together in their own mind.

People, listening to your pain and struggle will connect their own, this is how you build rapport. Even if their pain is not exactly the same, as soon as you describe the pain, they will imagine a similar feeling in their own life. This builds a “oneness” with your prospect and hopefully, if you have done your job right, they are now starting to connect with you.

5) Tell your own story. However if you are brand new to the industry and you don’t yet have a story (or you think you don’t), tell them about a person you know who went thorough the struggle and pain and how they overcame their struggles by connecting with the company, produt etc., etc.

So there you have it. 

Selling is really the transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another. If you can create this enthusiasm through storytelling, (true ones), you are almost there. This will result in more members joining you, more people believing in you and the products thus your customer value will increase,  and of course, more people will stay with you.

If you have been struggling in network marketing for any length of time, we need to talk. Connect with me here and let me hear your story.

Peace and Prosperity


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Live Life On Your Own Terms, 3 Steps To Inner Happiness

One of the things I have learned from Bronnie Ware’s book, “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying”, is that people thinking back about their lives often regretted working too much and expressing their feelings too little. The central theme was that people regretted not staying true to what matters most, being true to yourself.

Days turn into months and months turn into years, we often put off in life till many years later, things… important things, ideas, which evaporate into thin air, until years later when we wished we had done that very thing… now perhaps it’s too late?

So, how can we live live a life which is truly meaningful to us?, how can we peel back the layers of our own being to reveal our true selves?..

I’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Think about what you really want out of life.

law of attractionThis can be a challenge. According to research taken from the Federal center for Disease control, 40 percent of Americans have not determined a sense of purpose in their life. So, 40 percent of all people in the USA have no sense of purpose, apart from just living their life and “seeing how it goes”.

It’s probably a similar percentage in other countries too. This is why people tend to feel like they are drifting through life. Like a rudderless ship all at sea.

The most important thing is to know what YOU really want. To know your purpose. Of course your spouse, your family and friends will have plenty to say on this matter, but what really matters is what YOU think. In years to come it will be you in that hospital  bed, “wondering where the time went “looking back…

“What did I really do with my life”?

So how can you know what REALLY Sparks your Fire?

Think about the things that you really like doing, what are you truly passionate about?.. It could be your family, your hobbies, your work (yes even work can be very fulfilling).. it’s whatever the very thing that “lights’ you up… that is your passion.

When you know the gifts within you, you then owe it to the world (and yourself) to share them. This is what gives people a sense of purpose, sharing their talent with others.

Here’s a quick back story about me. I have always loved finding an “edge”. Creating an “edge” has been a passion of mine, I have found an edge in several projects I have been involved in, including horse racing (yes I was a bookie) to now, full time Internet Marketer. But my greatest passion in life, is teaching others…

I get a terrific “buzz” from people watching my videos and getting an “edge” from my ideas… So, what can you do, that gives you a “bigger buzz”?… because 9 times out of ten, once you find this, you will also find your purpose…

Maybe you love training dogs, however your REAL passion could be teaching others to train dogs.. Maybe you love movies, but your passion is blogging, perhaps blogging about movies might ignite your fire.

Step 2. Ignore the negative voices within.

9493449_sWe both know they are in there. Those negative voices that tell us we can’t do something. Many of us operate from fear, we let fear take over and dictate out lives. Fear is an invisible force that keeps us small, stops us from moving forward and keeps many of us from achieving the goals that we so want to achieve.

Most things we fear, never actually happen. We fear making a video for the first time as we think people will laugh, or not find us interesting enough to watch. The opposite is usually true, people will admire you for taking that first step to overcome fear, and now you are driving straight through it.

People admire people who do things they THEMSELVES  fear. This is something you should write down and remember. Most successful people in life got over their own fear to do things that others fear.

When you get over your own fears, you automatically tell the universe that you are ready for change, and that you are no longer fearful. The universe will then conspire to produce a result in line with the desired result, either positive or negative.

We outwardly create our own world by creating our own inner world first. The more negative your inner thoughts are, the more negative your outer world is. Believe this, or ignore it at your own peril, but it works.

Put down the negative voice within, see off negative friends and keep positivity coming into your eyes and ears, every day.

Step 3. Set Specific Goals. 

Now it’s time to move ahead. We have determined your passion. We have rid ourselves of the negative voices within and the negative influences. We are now ready for your goals and your plan.

We need goals and we definitely need a plan.

Write down your goals on a piece of paper, yes I know it’s old fashioned but the very act of writing them down physically engraves them more solidly on the core of your brain. Now look through your goals and determine, “are these really your goals”?

Why would I ask you that?..

inner happinessHere’s why. We often only write down “surface” goals, these tend to not be our real goals. Here’s what I mean.

If you ask someone at random what they are looking to get from their new home business, they might say something like $10,000 a month. Then if you asked them, “So, once you are making $10,000 a month, what then?..

They might answer something like, “well then I can retire my partner for work and we can travel the world together”

So you see, the real goal wasn’t the $10,000 a month, it was retiring that person’s partner and travelling the World. Knowing your TRUE goal often results in a different approach to the problem. Be specific. Know exactly what you want.

When you know exactly what you want, you are far more likely to achieve that goal, do you know why?

Because if you know exactly what you want. You can imagine exactly what it feels like to achieve it. You can taste it, you can smell it in your minds eye. If you don’t know what you REALLY want, it’s like throwing darts at a dartboard. You might hit it, or your might not. You might hit the bullseye, you might not.

FEEL it.. whatever you can truly imagine in your minds eye, you can bring to pass (I can’t remember exactly who it was who said that) bit it’s true…

Now, work on a plan to achieve your passion.

All leaders, no matter what industry they are in, feel an absolute sense of “certainty” right before they actually achieve anything…whether it’s earning a million dollars or getting on a stage in front of thousands of people. What  ever it is, you imagine yourself doing it, feeling it, take action on achieving it, and then you bring it into reality.

I hope this post has helped you to dig down and find your passion. Somewhere within you is something amazing, it’s now your job to reach deep down and unleash it on the world…

Think about this..

Way off in the future, when you’re in that hospital bed and you’re old, your story will be different. Oh so different. It will be about that amazing life you lead, those hearts you won, those tears of joy you shed, those places you travelled to, those stories… so many stories..

Peace and prosperity always..

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The SECRET Law of Attraction Formula

According to Wikipedia, The “Law of Attraction” is the name given to the belief that  “Like attracts Like”. People use it either knowingly or unconsciously, and although it has been around for centuries, there is no scientific evidence that it works.

However, we have to step beyond science here, as many things in this life cannot be explained away by science. You could say that the very “Law of Attraction” is a science in itself, although not a proven, or exact science.

21555053_sThe Law of attraction is a force, or message we send out into the universe itself, the universe sends back the “mirror” of that message in the form of a result. Let’s say you were depressed or feeling a bit down that day, If you remained in this state and you went out, how do you think your day would generally go?.

The probability (and the law of attraction is based on probability), would be that your demeanour would attract a mirror effect of your own negative behaviour.. Thus you would probably attract more negativity toward you.

Try this yourself. go out into a crowded shopping centre and just smile at people. You would almost certainly attract other smiley people. Now put on your most miserable face and see the effect on other people that would have..

Here are some true experiences which happen almost 100% of the time

1) If I am in a rush, if my mood is slightly off, and I’m in my car, there will always be people stepping out in front of me, most traffic lights will be on red, and I will attract the slowest drivers in front of me.

2) If I leave my mobile phone, wallet or spare change at home by mistake, I nearly always end up needing one of them. I either miss an important phone call, enter a car park and find I have no change for the meter or start running low on petrol and no credit card to fill up..

The flip side of that coin, (if you forgive the pun) is that if I have those things with me, I probably would not have needed them 99% of the time..

3) If you walk into a crowded room with a smile and an air of confidence, someone else, perhaps even several people will start talking to you. Enter that same room looking down and unconfident, people will almost always try NOT to talk to you.

4) Enter a car showroom or department store wearing casual internet marketer’s clothes (my term for the stay at home entrepreneur’s clothing) and the chances are the clerk or assistant, even the salesman will ignore you, however come into a showroom or expensive store looking like a million dollars and you will be treated accordingly..

These are just a few examples. The law of attraction, in my experience definitely works. I do believe even some scientists believe it works, although there are also a lot of sceptics out there who say it doesn’t.

SO, you promised to reveal the SECRET, Where is it?

775210_sThe Secret is the very thing that was missing from the film, The SECRET (good movie, by the way)..

And that was… ACTION..

Attraction is fed by Action. It even forms part of the word.

You see, ordering from a giant catalogue from the universe might seem a great idea. However as with all laws, there are flaws. The flaw in the Law of Attraction is, taking action… is often, not included, when people speak “law of attraction”.

Yes, it is true, you can want something badly enough. You can imagine it happening, you can feel it, you can smell it, you can touch it, but if you take NO action towards it’s attainment. It’s probably not going to arrive.

This is my opinion, I’m sure there are plenty of differing opinions on this (leave a comment below)

SO, do I think the Law of Attraction works?. Definitely. I have no doubt that what we put out there to the universe comes back to us in one way or another. I do think though, that engineering the result through thought (imagineering) as it was called a while back, only works if you take the necessary action to bring it into your life.

YES, we know that people who work harder get luckier. 

YES, we know that true success in life is a combination of thoughts and actions in the right direction. This would then attract further success into our lives.

HOWEVER… let it be known that some of the nicest people, hence the most attractive people to the universe, can still have BAD things happen to them. Have you ever heard an expression, “only the good die young”. We must remember that horrific things happen to some of the nicest people… did they attract that into their life?

I truly believe the Law of Attraction works best when you set the wheels in motion yourself.

You have to help it along

Let’s take a 22yr old guy called John who never get’s a date. He’s not a bad looking guy, he has a good job, he dresses well, but never seems to get any dates. Girls for the best part ignore him, so how can he use use the Law of Attraction to find the girl of his dreams (his soulmate).

Well, the first thing we realise about John is, he never goes out.

Sure , he goes to and from work, but he never socialises with anyone.

The next thing would be for him to actually ask a girl out. If you never ask anyone out, the chances of you finding your ideal soulmate is going to be slim, don’t you think ?

So now he socialises more and asks girls out regularly, he now has increased his chances of finding an ideal partner several times over..

THIS is when I think the Law of Attraction swoops in and mirrors what’s in your thoughts. I think it is at this point that you will become more readable to the universe and you yourself are subconsciously being guided to make the right moves.

Like I said, it’s a science but not an exact one.. let me know what you think of the law of attraction, and this post, please leave a comment below.. 

Peace and prosperity..

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